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scope of digital marketing in india

Digital marketing is now booming all over the world. In India Digital Marketing is making a massive impact on people’s lives and the product sales of all the companies.

In the last two to three years, the scope of Digital Marketing has increased rapidly with the Internet being readily available to all the common people. Since the inception of Reliance JIO, internet services in India has become cheap and is open to most of the 130cr Indian population.

How to Earn Money From YouTube?

earn money from youtube

Most of us know what YouTube is, YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. Not just that, YouTube is the second largest Search Engine, YouTube is no more just a Video sharing website, It is a Video Search Engine.

YouTube has a massive traffic of over 132,50,00,000 people using it every day with 300 hrs of video uploaded/minute. For YouTube to pay us, YouTube has to make some money,

What is Marketing ?


Many people believes marketing is advertising. No, it’s not. Marketing is not advertising, then what is marketing? To know about marketing, one should have a clear understanding of what is the market? and difference between market and a market-place?

Definition of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion & Sales

Branding Marketing Advertising Promotion and sales

Over the last few years, Digital Marketing completely changed the way products and services are marketed with its impeccable reach of targeted customers.

Native marketing needs huge investment, time and resources while Digital Marketing needs a few skilled man power to reach customers or consumers. Digital devices that are used by almost everyone these days are served as main means to target the audience.

To understand the digital marketing better we should have a clear understanding of these terms: Branding, Marketing, Promotion, Advertisement, and Sales.